Connecting your community with Ukrainian and Afghan refugee families.

In the context of the tidal wave of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and around the world, many of us have watched from a distance in horror, wanting to help, yet feeling helpless and hopeless in its wake.


WelcomeNST changes that. We build bridges that connect you directly with refugees in need by forming Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) that are prepared to welcome and support families disrupted by war.

There are three ways you can help:

  1. Donate to WelcomeNST

  2. Form an NST to welcome a refugee family to your neighborhood

  3. Form a Global NST to raise money to help a family in Ukraine rebuild their damaged home

We are currently forming new NSTs to support newly arriving Ukrainians and Afghans to the United States and Global NSTs to help Ukrainians in Ukraine. 

Have questions? Look for answers in our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Welcome NST. 

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In response to the devastating and ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the millions of refugees that have been driven from their homes, WelcomeNST is supporting the Uniting for Ukraine program introduced by the White House by forming NSTs that will sponsor Ukrainian families who want to come to the U.S. We are working with these NSTs to organize, raise money, find housing and apply to become a sponsor. 

Take a look at some frequently asked questions about becoming an NST for a Ukrainian family.


We are forming Global NSTs here in the US and matching them directly with families in Ukraine who are living in homes that have been damaged by the war, but don’t have the financial ability to repair them. These teams often consist of church, school, extended family or neighborhood groups that will, together, raise money for one family to repair their home. WelcomeNST will facilitate the transfer and oversight of these funds to our trusted partners in Ukraine. We also have our Director of Operations on the ground in Kyiv to help ensure the integrity of each project and share photos and updates with your team. WelcomeNST will connect the Global NST directly with the family. 


Global NSTs are crucial to the future of Ukraine as they enable Ukrainian families to stay close home and ultimately, to help rebuild their country when the war is over. Sign up below to join our next Global NST information session!

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In response to the arrival of 75,000 Afghan evacuees to the US starting in August 2021 and the ensuing overload to our resettlement system, WelcomeNST reached out to the community, and 1,500 people stepped up to form 65 Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) that have welcomed almost 400 Afghans to their neighborhoods so far. In partnership with WelcomeNST, these teams organized, raised money, founding housing and were matched with a family who they are helping to restart their lives in the US. In the process, they have pioneered a community-powered model for refugee resettlement that continues to expand across the U.S. As thousands more families are now arriving from U.S. military bases abroad, we are forming new NSTs everyday. And as the standard resettlement system remains overwhelmed, we are counting on people like you to help welcome our Afghan Allies. 

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Your donation goes to the refugees. Period.

WelcomeNST understands that donors want their money to go directly to the refugees, and we do, too. For this reason, we raise our mobilization funds through a consortium of private donors. You can rest assured that when you donate to WelcomeNST, every dollar received will go directly to support refugees.

Facilitating transparency through direct connections is important to us. So every NST is always connected directly with the group of refugees they support. 

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About Us

In August 2021, in response to the evacuation of 75,000 Afghan refugees from Afghanistan, Elizabeth Davis-Edwards formed WelcomeNST to engage communities to help resettle refugee families and, more broadly, to pioneer a community-powered model for refugee resettlement. She did this because she believes that harnessing the capacity of a local network to do good and connecting it with a refugee family in need is the answer to the refugee crisis.


In the months that followed, the WelcomeNST team has engaged thousands of community members from around the U.S. to form Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) to support Afghans and Ukrainians disrupted by war.