Help Provide Refuge to a Refugee Family

In the context of the tidal wave of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and around the world, many of us have watched from a distance in horror, wanting to help, yet feeling helpless and hopeless in its wake.


WelcomeNST changes that. We build bridges that connect you directly with a refugee family in need by forming Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) that are prepared to welcome them to the U.S.  WelcomeNST is one of the few organizations in the country that was formed solely for this purpose. It's what we do. 

There are three ways you can help:

  1. Form an NST to welcome a refugee family to your neighborhood

  2. Form a Global NST to raise money to help a family in Ukraine rebuild their damaged home

  3. Donate to WelcomeNST to enable us to form more NSTs and welcome more refugee families to the U.S.

We are currently forming new NSTs to support newly arriving Ukrainians to the United States and Global NSTs to build homes for Ukrainians in Ukraine. Have questions? Look for answers in our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about WelcomeNST. 

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In response to the unprecedented numbers of refugees that have been driven from their homes in Ukraine, WelcomeNST has an urgent need for Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) to sponsor Ukrainian families who are desperately seeking refuge in the U.S.  We enable regular Americans to successfully welcome a family to their neighborhood and walk with them on the road to self-sufficiency. Our experienced mentors will coach you as you organize, raise money, find housing and apply to become a sponsor. Our services are free of charge. Just click below to learn more and someone will reach out to you to answer your questions.

Take a look at some frequently asked questions about becoming an NST for a Ukrainian family.

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In response to the massive destruction of cities and homes in Ukraine and with winter looming large on the horizon, there is a critical need for communities to come together to form Global NSTs and raise money to rebuild homes for displaced families in Ukraine.


WelcomeNST will help you form your team, connect you directly with a Ukrainian family that has lost everything and coach you as you raise money to provide them shelter. We will orchestrate the rebuild through our team on the ground in Kyiv and will share photos and regular updates. 


Global NSTs are crucial to the future of Ukraine as they enable Ukrainian families to remain in their home country and ultimately, to help rebuild Ukraine when the war is over. Click below to learn more and someone will reach out to you to answer your questions.

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Reimagine Charity with Us

In a world that's all too often divided, building connections across dividing lines is difficult, yet desperately needed. When we find common ground with other humans with profoundly different life experiences from our own, our minds and hearts expand and everyone wins.


Today, WelcomeNST is reimagining charity: Making it personal and direct with a focus on the "one":

  • One Family, One Neighborhood at a Time:  We translate the massive needs driven by the global refugee crisis to the needs of one family for one community at a time​

  • One-on-One Service: We facilitate meaningful relationships by connecting neighbors directly with the refugee family they serve and preparing those neighbors to effectively support and empower that family on the road to self-sufficiency


  • One hundred percent: We promise that 100% of donations raised by an NST will go directly to the refugees they support

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About Us

In August 2021, in response to the evacuation of 75,000 Afghan refugees from Afghanistan, Elizabeth Davis-Edwards, a long time advocate for refugees, quit her job as a marketing executive and formed WelcomeNST to engage communities to help resettle refugee families. More broadly, she dreamed of pioneering a community-powered model for refugee resettlement. In the months that followed, WelcomeNST has engaged thousands of community members from around the U.S. to form Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) to welcome Afghans and Ukrainians refugee families to the U.S.

Today, WelcomeNST has engaged more communities than almost any other single organization in the county, proving once again that Americans will reach out and offer what they have to a stranger in need.